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The Full Story

Grid of Memories

'3024' was a passion project drawn from 2022-2023. It was selected for the Royal Scottish Academy 197th Annual Show and displayed there for 6 weeks. I created the pen drawing because of my constant feeling of overconsumption of social media and constant snapping of photos, increasing the number of images in my camera roll. The final drawing was made up of 3024 2x2cm squares, each filled with a moment, pattern, therapy & memory. Read more below.


I was initially inspired by the algorithm of social media, where having an exciting and engaging post would keep your audience engaged for a longer time than average. I find that the more detailed a piece, regardless of whether you enjoy the specific style, forces you to look, 'read' and understand the image. Thus the idea of the grid formed.


Pen is my more comfortable medium. I enjoy the idea of speedy storytelling through the tip of my fine liner. The ad hoc nature of '3024' tells you a little bit more about me as an artist whilst simultaneously providing me with the 'therapy through drawing' aspect.

3042 Grid of Memories_edited.jpg


After being exhibited in the RSA 197th Annual Show, the grid is now back in London and I am actively looking for a space where the drawing can be on display. If you are business/gallery owner or know of a space where you think '3024' could be hung, please contact me here.

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